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New MARRS5 System

Restores tired looking properties back to new

Surface Restoration with the unique MARRS5 system restores old, faded and chalked polyester powder coated products back to the original finish without repainting.

We polish the powder coating, bringing it back to its original condition.  Then apply a silicone-based wax.  The wax is a polymer 12 enhanced formula, containing a superior blend of polymers; suspended PTFE particles to give a gloss finish. This polish is detergent resistant and long lasting.

M & R can restore your faded metal panels, doors, and window frames etc and can guarantee the finish for 5 years.


MARRS10 is the same as MARRS5 but with the addition of a clear resin topcoat increasing the warranty to 10 years.

+ Advantages of the MARRS system:

  • Cheaper than Painting or Replacement.
  • No colour matching required.
  • Any original metal coating can be restored.
  • Reduces ongoing Maintenance Costs.
  • MARRS5 - 5-Year Guarantee.
  • MARRS10 - 10-Year Guarantee.

Windowsill showing condition before and after treatment with MARRS